Mad Dotz



  • 100% compatible with cloth & plastic mouse pads
  • Decreased wear on your mouse feet
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent value
  • Faster mouse movement
  • Increased glide
  • Increased life span for your mouse pad
  • Low price
  • Works with most ball, optical and laser mice

Mad Dotz

XTracPads Mad Dotz™ are 1/2" wide pre-cut circles of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) tape designed to reduce the friction caused by moving your mouse on your mouse pad.

Supercharge your mouse with a set of XTracPads Mad Dotz™ today.

For installation, simply peel the Mad Dotz™ from their clear backing and place over your existing mouse feet. It is that simple!

If you are having trouble with your Mad Dotz™ product curling up during the installation, please follow these instructions for a trouble-free installation.

Mad Dotz Install Steps

1). Place the long end of the curl centered with the mouse foot and place it gently on top of the mouse foot as seen in image 1.

2). Once the Mad Dotz™ are in place, gently uncurl the dot starting with one side and roll it out until that side is attached to your mouse, then work on the other half of the dot.

3). There you have it! Another excellent Mad Dotz™ installation.

XTracPads Mad Dotz™
Designed in the USA
Made in USA

*mouse not included