• 100% compatible with cloth & plastic mouse pads
  • Decreased wear on your mouse feet
  • Easy to install
  • Excellent value
  • Faster mouse movement
  • Increased glide
  • Increased life span for your mouse pad
  • Low price
  • Works with most ball, optical and laser mice


XTracPads Eels™ are strips of extra thick Teflon coated tape that help reduce friction when installed over your existing mouse feet.

Reduce wear and tear on your mouse and your mouse pad surface. XTracPads Eels™ are a great addition to any mouse... even ball mice!

Simply size the Eels™ strip to your mouse feet and cut to size. Peel the blue liner from the clear tape and apply over your mouse feet. XTracPads Eels™ are very sticky.

We recommend you clean your mouse feet with rubbing alcohol prior to installation.

Eels Install Steps

1). Measure the length you need to cover your mouse feet.

2). Cut the Eels™ strip to fit your mouse feet perfectly.

3). Peel off the tape backing from the Eels™ strip.

4). Apply the Eels™ strip to each mouse foot.

5). Repeat step 4 as needed to cover all your mouse feet.

XTracPads Eels™
Designed in the USA
Made in USA